Randolph Aviator

Randolph Aviator
Randolph Aviator Randolph Aviator
Modelis: Aviator
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Exceptional Durability, Eye Comfort & Increased Visual Acuity
Once you experience wearing our Randolph Aviator Sunglasses you will understand exactly why our customers make comments like “great product”, “nothing like them on the market today” and “impressed with the quality of the frames and lenses”.
These outstanding sunglasses deliver exceptional performance and are affordable on practically any budget. Made in the USA by skilled craftsmen, each pair are meticulously manufactured to the highest standards.
All of our technologies, skills, resources, and critical thinking are dedicated to making our products the first choice of those who demand performance over passing fashion.
The lens colour gray is the best lens for all-around use. Reduces light intensity without shifting colors. Filters 98% of harmful UV rays. Lens transmits all color value. Standard issue lens for the U.S. Military. The flat arms are specially designed for maximum comfort and ease of use when wearing a headset, reducing pressure on the skull and enabling easy removal/placement.
What Comes In The Box?
When your Randolph Aviator sunglasses arrive they will come in a beautiful box, and inside the box you will find a hard carrying case, a special Randolph Engineering micro fiber cleaning cloth, a maintenance equipment kit with a small screw driver, extra screws and extra nose pads, as well as a copy of the Randolph Engineering Certificate of Guarantee and a Warranty Card.
Available sizes:
52 mm
55 mm
58 mm
Frame colour:
Matte Chrome
Matte Black
Lens colour:

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