CRP-5W Flight Computer

CRP-5W Flight Computer
Ražotājs: Pooleys
Modelis: NCR050/NCR051
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Pieejamība: Pieejams
Cena: 99.00€
Bez nodokļa: 81.82€
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The CRP-5 is manufactured to the exacting standards demanded by commercial pilot training organisations to give a lifetime's performance. Designed particularly for the professional pilot, it includes all necessary functions for the commercial and airline transport pilot examinations.

            Circular slide rule side with clear durable cursor for calculation and conversion of temperature, time, distance, volume, altitude, speed, weight, fuel, endurance, multiplication etc. Coloured scales, lettering enhance operation and clarity.Wind triangle side incorporating sliding scale with speed range of 40-1000 and measuring scales on outside edges of 1:500,000 NM, 1:250,000 NM, Inches and mm. Clear rotating disc for lead pencil plotting. For calculation of heading and groundspeed, wind velocity, head and crosswind components etc. 

The CRP-5W has a wind arm on the wind triangle side to prevent the necessity of plotting with a pencil.


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