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ASA Lidmašīnas degvielas testeris - melns
  Fits all quick-drain valves and has an adapter for recessed drains. Includes both Phil..
Bez nodokļa: 6.41€
The lightweight, simple and effective view-limiting device for simulating instrument conditions i..
Bez nodokļa: 19.42€
ASA Yoke stiprinājums
  Holds all the necessary flight paperwork right where pilots need it, leaving their han..
Bez nodokļa: 12.94€
ASA Pierakstu grāmatiņas soma
  Durable nylon logbook cover holds and protects your master logbook, charts, and ot..
Bez nodokļa: 20.66€
ASA Ultimate Micro Plotter CP-MLX
  Made of Lexan®, 8" long. Convenient for flight bag, shirt pocket, or airplane sto..
Bez nodokļa: 8.68€
Long Tri-Fold Kneeboard
  The elongated kneeboard accommodates all aeronautical charts without additional foldin..
Bez nodokļa: 37.19€
ASA Lidmašīnas degvielas testēšanas krūzīte
  Clear cup with a reinforced steel pin that works with most aircraft. 0.60 lbs ..
Bez nodokļa: 6.41€
ASA Auxiliary Tank Krūze
Double-wall insulated ceramic cup with silicone spill-proof lid. Keeps hot drinks hot and cold dr..
Bez nodokļa: 9.92€
ASA CX-2 Pathfinder dators
    Aviators can calculate true airspeed, ground speed, Mach number, alti..
Bez nodokļa: 66.11€
ASA Lidojumu žurnāls
  The perfect tool for aircraft owners and aircraft flown by multiple pilots — kee..
Bez nodokļa: 9.41€
ASA Ultimate Rotaiting Plotter CP-RLX
  Made of Lexan®. Features rotating azimuth for direct course readout and 8 scales to m..
Bez nodokļa: 17.36€
Tri-Fold VFR Kneeboard
  Strong aluminum tooled clipboard fits snugly into black 3-panel jacket. Has room for c..
Bez nodokļa: 30.58€
ASA Pitot caurules vāks (lāpstiņa)
  Keeps dirt, contamination, and insects from entering the pitot tube, fitting snugly ov..
Bez nodokļa: 7.64€
ASA E6-B dators
  High quality aluminum E6-B manual flight planning computer. Vinyl case and instruc..
Bez nodokļa: 29.75€
ASA Borta žurnāls - cietais vāks
  Designed to help keep records of entire aircraft in order, simplifying recordkeepi..
Bez nodokļa: 10.00€